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8 Perfectly Haunting Sights in Prague

October 10, 2017 No Comments

1. Marionettes

Our biggest regret is not buying a marionette from Prague. The city has several marionette shops with wicked carved characters dangling from their ceilings. They were so creepy, but there was also something charming about this ancient tradecraft of theatrical woodwork in this unique city. 

2. Astronomical Clock

Probably one of the most iconic landmarks of Prague, the Astronomical Clock is an intricate wonder. With crowing golden roosters, rotating disciples, and a number of other moving parts, it can be easy to miss some sinister symbols including the skeleton representing Death. There are several legends about the true symbolism of the skeleton, but our tour guide stated that it basically came down to yet another religious message to keep the people on the up and up. 

3. Gargoyles of St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral lies within the walls of Prague Castle and is a gorgeous and mysterious relic. Elaborately adorned with jutting spires and delicate arches, the structure is truly medieval in every sense. The roofline is dotted with ornate gargoyles that are also fully functional water spouts. There are gargoyles of every breed; demons, disturbed human figures, and every type of animal you can think of (even a lobster!). It was fun to turn each corner to see what twisted presence would be next. 

4. Memorial to the Victims of Communism

This haunting sculpture can be found in the lush, green grounds of the Petrin Hill park area. Unveiled in 2002, this sculpture is a tribute to the many victims of communism represented by a ghostly figure that slowly disappears as it fades into the background. A bronze strip runs up the middle of the piece giving estimated numbers of the people violently affected by communism. A plaque nearby reads, “The memorial to the victims of communism is dedicated to all victims not only those who were jailed or executed but also those whose lives were ruined by totalitarian despotism.”


5. Statues of Charles Bridge
There is nothing quite like walking along the Charles Bridge in the early, misty morning before the crowds and street artists descend upon the ancient stone structure. The 30 statutes that line both sides of the bridge are each a haunting sight in and of themselves. Some stare at you and others remind you of a dire point in time for the past people of Prague. 
6. The Estates Theater Cloaked Figure
There is definitely not a lack of interesting sculptures in Prague and this one is no exception. This piece titled the Cloak of Conscience, by Anna Chromy is one in a series of replicas that she has commissioned all over Europe. Her original piece was sculpted from 250 tons of white marble and was the starting point for her important message of unity, beauty, and humankind.   
7. Old Jewish Cemetery
This incredible cemetery includes thousands of graves for the Jewish people of Prague from the 15th Century to the late 1700’s.  Literally stacked on top of each other, this forest of headstones is truly beautiful and lends to the haunting history of this Czech city. The crookedness of the headstones give so much character to the experience. You can pay a fee to wander through the gravestones and past a wailing wall in the heart of the tiny Jewish quarter. 
8. ? 
You know, just your average creature/ haunted figure reaching out from under a building as you wind your way up a random street to Prague Castle…



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