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Adelaide: An Intro to Australia

May 24, 2016 No Comments

Grand Medina Apartments
Rundle Street
Jetty Beach

Barossa Valley

Cleland Wildlife Park

Adelaide, Australia wasn’t my first choice of places to visit but it was where I had the opportunity to present at my first international conference. My husband and I traveled there with four of my fellow grad students and our dissertation chair. It was rather exciting because in order to be ready for the conference, we had to complete our dissertations much earlier than the rest of our cohort. It was wonderful to have that thing finished two years before graduation.

Due to the conference, we stayed a full week in Adelaide and definitely made the most of it! My husband and I stayed in the Grand Medina Apartments which were situated in the old Treasury Department Building in Victoria Square. Within walking distance there is the Adelaide Central Market, Rundle Street (where you can get most of your shopping done), and access to public transportation. Forever in my heart will be the fact that Adelaide gave me my introduction to the flat white long before it made it to Starbucks! Coffee is another obsession of mine…

We made our way to Glenelg and Jetty Beach for a stormy day looking out over the ocean which seemed like the edge of the earth for a couple from California. We found a lovely little place to get out of the rain for a while called CafĂ© Zest Gallery. We had the best hot tea, soup, and chicken, avocado, and cilantro sandwiches! 

The student symposium went off without a hitch even though there were very few people in the audience but that was okay because we were all really nervous. It’s weird to think back that now I’ve presented in several countries (I still get nervous). To celebrate our feat, our dissertation chair set up a wine tasting road trip to the Barossa Valley. We visited grande, luxurious wineries and quaint, rustic wineries.  It was an unforgettable moment of my grad school experience. 

One evening while chatting with our cab driver, we asked if there was a place to go see kangaroos. He replied that we should go to Cleland Wildlife Park where “You can hold koalas and poke kangaroos with the stick if you want to.” Well obviously weren’t going to do the latter but there’s no way I was going to pass up a chance to hold a koala bear! It did not disappoint. It was part arboretum, part wildlife sanctuary where we literally let kangaroos eat out of our hands and got to take photographs holding koalas. There were wombats and dingoes and emus and it was spectacular.

Every day I get to see the didgeridoo that we purchased in Adelaide, as it sits in its final destination, leaning against our fireplace in our living room.

Next destination-Sydney. Complete with a wonderful restaurant recommendation from our cheeky cabbie in Adelaide.

As always, check out my Instagram page for more recommendations for things to do, see, and eat. 


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