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Baby, It’s Chicago Outside


The weather is finally cooling down here in SoCal so I thought I would revisit one of the coldest places I ever been. Not Norway, not London, not Montreal…Chicago in late October. 
I was attending the national sexual offender treatment conference (good times!) over the Halloween week, so I had no control over the crappy time of year to experience Chicago for the first time. 

I dragged the fam with me to also freeze in the brutal Midwest wind. I remember taking a cab to meet  them at the Shedd Aquarium and when I stepped out into the blast of icy wind, it felt like I’d been smacked with a wall.  I couldn’t believe the hubs had walked our kiddo there in the stroller! Anyway, the aquarium was awesome and so worth ditching the conference and braving the cold.  We also strolled around Millennium Park, home to the famous Bean sculpture, and some other fun surprises such as the outdoor Jay Pritzker Pavillion, which is a sculpture in itself. 
Not only am I not a fan of the cold, but I am not a fan of heights, so thankfully when we went to the top of the Willis Tower Skydeck, it was clouded in and you couldn’t see a damn thing. I still went nowhere near the observation boxes. 
Worst of all, here I was in the city of one of the most iconic baseball stadiums and it wasn’t even baseball season (at least not for the Cubs that year). Wrigley Field was under construction for some updates, so I couldn’t even do a tour.  But that didn’t stop us from taking pictures out front and buying souvenirs marking the 100-year legacy of the stadium. We also did some fun baseball stuff in between my sessions like eating at Harry Caray’s restaurant at the Navy Pier. 

We made the most of our short week, but despite all of the complaints, I liked the buzz of the city and know that it’s a different animal in other parts of the year. I’m thinking Spring next time…    



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