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The Best Female Owned Boutiques in LA

July 25, 2017 No Comments
This article was originally featured as part of a another great collaboration I did with Dazey LA, an art apparel & accessories company based here in Los Angeles.  Its creator is extremely talented lady boss who believes in supporting other female business owners. Give her site a looksy here. You’ll find some great T-shirts, product collaborations, and the Dazey Zine, which features articles from other creatives, tutorials, and other inspirational goodness. 
If you’ve taken anything away from browsing the Dazey LA website, it’s that Dazey ladies love to support each other in their creative passions and professional endeavors. Building a business is no small feat and even in a city as big as Los Angeles, women can make the time to support each other. So for this article, we sought out boutiques that we adore, that also happen to be owned by some badass lady bosses.  

5028 York Blvd. 
Highland Park
This adorable store was like medication for my OCD tendencies. A place for everything and everything perfectly in its place. Everywhere I turned there was no shortage of colorful rows and containers of office supplies (another obsession of mine) and beautiful paper products. I love a place where I can indulge in all things girly and still feel like I’m purchasing items that will ensure my productivity, while promoting a sense of female empowerment. Shorthand was all of that, wrapped up in a very neat, colorful, perfectly-shaped bow.


Shout and About
1547 Echo Park Ave.
Echo Park

I was pleasantly surprised to find this sweet little shopping district tucked into an Echo Park nook. Shout and About is distinctly Californian and makes you want to spend your pennies on adorable little cactus pendants and, “Oh hey these cactus dessert plates match!” There was an impressive selection of original artwork and beautiful wrapping papers as well as more functional items like water bottles and blankets, all in beautiful bold colors.

2205 W. Sunset Blvd.
Silver Lake
Entering Nico & Bullitt is like stepping into a rad time warp where you want to try on everything and just kind of hang out for awhile. There so much to look at that it’s difficult to keep focused! The decor is amazing, and the fashion is exceptional, especially for ladies who love the Dazey look. Aside from some great graphic tees, I had my eye on the candles and ceramic mugs; the necessities of life!


2213 Sunset Blvd.
Silver Lake

Located a few doors down from Nico and Bullitt, Myrtle is like the more responsible older sister. The shop is definitely a reflection of how I aspire to dress; classic clean lines with a sprinkle of patterns and charming details. The more you browse, the more you view the depth of the inventory here. Lovely printed dresses and funky neon jewelry feel quite comfortable next to each other in this sophisticated space.

Friend Mart
970 N. Broadway #105

Friend Mart lies in the center of Chinatown in a shady little courtyard. But the neon logo sign hanging on the wall is like a ray of sunshine once you step foot into this cheeky shop. There are virtually endless rows of patches, enamel pins, and apparel adorned with cool pop culture imagery.  You can also find hotel room keychains, hair clips shaped like dogs, and butt-printed socks. But the real highlight of this unique shop is the embroidery station. You can bring in that boring denim jacket (or whatever) and get lettering and graphics embroidered right there in the store. 




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