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Aarhus, Denmark: The Comwell

February 14, 2017 No Comments

Every year, two cities are selected by the European Commission to be a European Capitol of Culture. The event aims to bring awareness to the culture of the chosen cities and to bring a sense of belonging and pride to the inhabitants of the host countries. 

2017 belongs to Aarhus, Denmark and Pafos, Cyprus. 

In my previous blog post on Aarhus, I highlighted the cultural gems we experienced last September. I cannot recommend traveling to this city enough, but where should you stay if you are one of the many visitors flocking to Denmark’s “second city” in 2017?
It was an easy choice for us to stay at The Comwell in Aarhus.  As in Copenhagen, we were a bit skeptical of the rooms sizes in a Scandinavian location as there were three adults and one child on this trip.  The Comwell accommodated us very well and put us instantly at ease.  

The building is quite nondescript, but the inside is a stunner. A beautiful living green wall rises three floors as you ride the indoor escalator from ground level to the lobby. The walls are painted in muted, yet fun colors and it felt instantly stylish. Our floor had a complimentary coffee machine, just outside the elevator doors and a well stocked vending machine with interesting snacks and drinks- including beer! But our room was the real jackpot. We were treated to a corner room with large windows on both sides, giving us views of the ocean as well as downtown with the City Hall tower and Your Rainbow Panorama smack-dab in the middle of our gaze. The room was primarily white, with soft blue curtains and pops of yellow and a deep wine accent wall.  We were delighted to find a friend waiting for us perched atop our four post bed.  A couch, chairs and a table still gave us plenty of room for our luggage and the bathroom was roomy enough, offering more storage and a large shower. 
The lobby floor of the hotel has several little nooks for working and appeared to have plenty of meeting and conference spaces. On warmer days, the restaurant has outdoor seating on a breezy patio. You can also buy much of the Hay House accents found in the rooms in the lobby (but I suggest going to the storefront in the shopping district if you can’t make it to the swoon-worthy location in Copenhagen). 
The overall feel of The Comwell is professional and classy, yet it doesn’t take itself too seriously by incorporating some quirky accents. We felt perfectly comfortable traveling with a child at this hotel, as a family, and it would definitely work well for couples or business travelers.  It’s pretty difficult to cater to all sorts of travelers, but The Comwell pulled it off.  
My Top 5 Reasons to stay at The Comwell
1. Walking distance to and from the train station.
2. The Aarhus Street Food market is a 5 minute walk- great food and stays open late!
3. Every room is stocked in dreamy Hay House decor.
4. Big, filling American/ European breakfast at the hotel.
5. Walking distance to everything you will want to see (with the exception of The Moesgaard Museum, but there is a bus stop nearby). 


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