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My Carry-on Beauty Bag Checklist

February 7, 2017 No Comments

For highly organized ladies, like myself, packing a carry-on can be the most anxiety provoking part of preparing for travel. Those long flights can make this a daunting challenge, knowing that you’ll be stuck on the plane for hours, eventually feeling dehydrated and anything but fresh. 

Here are my 3 favorite products that I can’t travel without, as well as a fairly standard list to help you get started making your own:

1. Honest Co. 3-in-1 wipes

Ever since my daughter was born, I have been using Honest Company products for our cleaning and hygiene needs. If I am flying more than six hours, at some point, I want to take off my make-up. These face wipes are my everyday wipes (morning and night) and I always order an extra pack before a trip. Guys can use them to freshen up too or to wipe off the sleep sweats.  

2. Avon Anew Clinical Overnight Mask
After a first meal on a long, overseas flight, I remove all my make-up and put this mask on my face for most of the time in the air (I wash and re-apply makeup before landing). It keeps tons of moisture in your skin amidst a dried-out cabin. I put a decent amount of the mask in a plastic container, because the glass container can be heavy and holds too much product for one trip. Definitely my secret for hitting the ground running when I get to my destination!


3. Colgate Wisps

I love these! They have a little drop of tooth paste in them that you bite open- you don’t even need water. These are so much better than hauling everyone’s toothbrushes and toothpaste onboard. Additionally, it lessens the liquid to bring along. 


The other no-brainers on my list include:

  • lip balm
  • tissue
  • mirror
  • face wash (when I want more than the wipes)
  • moisturizer
  • make-up
  • hand sanitizer
  • rubber bands, clips
  • small hairbrush or comb
  • anti-bacterial wipes (for the bathroom and seat area)
  • extra pair of panties or panty liners

I would love to know what products you can’t get on a plane without!




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