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My MM.LaFleur Out-of-Office Experience

January 23, 2018 1 Comment
 When I started a job earlier this year that had an actual dress code and required me to step up my professional style (jeans and a button-down was not going to cut it anymore), I found myself looking for new ways to build my business wardrobe. After dabbling in a couple of subscription box companies, I came across MM.LaFleur. It was love at first sight with the first box received. I started with purchasing one beautifully made top and eventually, my stylist sent me a pair of pants that I literally wear at least once a week. All without having to step foot into a store. 
Now, I’m not one who likes to ask for help. This trait pretty much drives everyone around me crazy and I’m slowly learning that asking for help is hugely advantageous and by no means a marker of my independence or capabilities. I don’t even particularly like interacting with the fitting room people in stores. Hence, I was a bit hesitant when the opportunity came up to schedule an in-person styling session with an MM.LaFleur stylist. This one-on-one appointment is known as an “Out-of-Office” experience and here’s how mine went.

First, a bit about MM.LaFleur. They are committed to helping the professional woman build the complete work wardrobe with a myriad of pieces that almost all feel like basics, while simultaneously feeling special each and every time they are worn. Their self-published guide, Wear to Work (above), came in very handy to this Type- A person who loves a good list-making task. It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to focus your work apparel to you and your employment mission, all in a totally practical manner. When a clothing company starts the hashtag trend #BetterThingsToDo, you know they want their clients to do their jobs and live their lives without worrying too much about shopping. 
I parked on Melrose and strolled to the nondescript, pop-up location of  MM.LaFleur’s temporary Los Angeles home.  They have been rotating locations in major cities for months now, giving fan-clients a way to connect with the brand and to try a variety of the beloved garments in a more intimate setting. 
I was immediately warmly greeted and offered a cup of Alfred Coffee (I mean, when in Rome…). Prosecco is sometimes an option as well if you are booked later in the afternoon. I was so pleased to learn that my online stylist, with whom I had built an excellent rapport, was in from New York to attend to me. It helped that she knows what has worked for me and what I’ve had my eye on in recent months. Turns out, having someone know your style and help you find the perfect fit is a pretty awesome thing. She had already pulled some options and we went from there! 
Each guest gets their own little cabana, complete with a table for your drink and a fuzzy fur rug for your feet (bring your own heels to play around with different looks). Your stylist stands by, ready to help you evaluate each look as you step out of your cabana and in front of your personal full-length mirror. 
We were able to play with a variety of options to cover my tattoos, she had wonderful suggestions for tying a look together perfectly and was not afraid to point out little fixes that I may not have caught (for instance going down a size in a particular dress to eliminate some bunching of material). She got to know me and what my job entails in order to tailor my looks for specific duties, like sitting in therapy sessions versus conducting a training on my feet all day.
At the end of the hour or so long session, I was able to narrow down pieces that I knew just weren’t for me, those that were definitely going on my wishlist, and ones I wanted to have in my closet immediately. To my surprise, I was able to take home the dress I had decided on since it was the last one in that print. Otherwise, orders are placed for you and sent to your home within days. My stylist happily put everything else on my account’s wishlist in the exact size for easy future ordering.  She was also able to fill me in on what may be out of stock soon so I could prioritize. 
I am so glad that I went outside of my comfort zone and tried this experience. It did wonders for me to be able to try on a variety of pieces, play with pairing separates, and fall even more in love with the brand that is helping me define who I am and what I bring to the workplace. 

I would encourage anyone who is ready for a closet revamp to order a box (zero commitment) or try out a styling session in a city near you. I know that I will continue to visit these pop-ups each time they come to L.A. in order to keep my finger on the workplace fashion pulse along with the additional expert input to keep me on track. These pieces are not cheap and they are investments that I have tested out as absolutely worth it. Because at the end of the day I am absolutely worth it. 

What I went home with: Felisa 2.0 dress
My next immediate buy: Woolf 2.0 Jardigan (part jacket, part cardigan=genius!)
Can’t wait to get: Howland Trouser in mini stripe




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