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New Dagne Dover Travel Essentials

November 4, 2018 No Comments

New Dagne Dover Travel Essentials

November 4, 2018 No Comments

It’s well into Fall and after a couple of trips within the states, I’m gearing up for an overseas trip to Beligum for the Christmas and New Year holidays. We haven’t been to Europe in over two years and I am SO ready! Of course I turned to my favorite travel bag company, Dagne Dover, to get geared up for this trip and I wanted to share what I will be taking with me.



I learned on my last trip to Denmark that a hands-free bag is the way to go. It makes it easier to keep up with my daughter and take pictures. Backpacks are great because they don’t put pressure on one shoulder like a purse or crossbody might. I received the medium size Dakota Backpack in the color Dune last Christmas and I use it all the time; for work, trips to Disneyland, and it is my absolute go-to for my carry-on for flights. Even though it’s perfect for rushing through airports easily, I wanted something a bit smaller for daily strolls while on vacay. I had my eye on the small Dakota Backpack and then Dagne Dover recently released their NYC collection and debuted the color Liberty. Marketing genius! I was sold and scooped it up in this refined green hue. For the past month, I’ve been using it non-stop around town. It is going to be great for Belgium.

The backpacks are part of the 100% neoprene sporty 365 collection that Dagne Dover offers. They wash up nicely and dry really quickly. I recently spilled beer all over my Dune colored one at Disney World and it washed right out even thought I waited 5 days to wash it. I love this material and highly recommend it for travel. Also, as usualy for DD, there is a pocket for everything, inside and out.



Let me introduce you to the Accordian Travel Wallet. Finally! Someone made a wallet that is slim, carries only what you need (you don’t need to take every piece of plastic with you on a trip), and fits passports nicely. This wallet comes in a ton of fun colors and patterns; I love the little rose gold detailing on this color scheme. It has two larger pockets for currency and passports (I always need two to carry mine and my daughter’s) and six slots for credit cards and hotel keycards. That’s all you need! The magnetic closure is a classy touch & a nice security feature.

Once again, Dagne Dover comes through for durable and stylish travel bags. I love that the are always inventing something more efficient, just when I think that can’t. Here’s what I will also be bringing with me for the trip:

Dakota Medium Backpack in Dune

Away The Carry On

Hunter Large Toiletry Bag in Storm

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