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June 21, 2016 No Comments

Tahiti It’s a fact. Conferences are generally held in great destination cities.  The organizers know that you will travel farther and spend that hard-earned money on steep registration fees if you can get more out of the trek. See the…

How Not to do Japan

June 14, 2016 No Comments

Just because you go to a cool, faraway destination it doesn’t mean that the experience is going to be amazing. I promise to always be real about those trips that failed to impress me. However on this occasion, it was…

The Daintree Rainforest

June 10, 2016 No Comments

Inside our bungalow Great Barrier Reef Cape Tribulation Daintree River cruise Two bucket list items were easily accomplished here. Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef and stay in a rainforest. I was quite surprised to learn that Australia had a rainforest,…

How I Plan a Trip

May 28, 2016 No Comments

The way I plan a trip is part old-school, part social media fury.I keep all of my travel magazines. Every single one. If I’m a hoarder in anything, it’s travel magazines. I’m constantly trying to find new places to store…


May 25, 2016 No Comments

I’m sure that many of you can relate to the fact that you’ve had a pretty good idea of what your ultimate career goal has been for a while, especially if you pursued higher education. I had been concentrating on one…

And so it begins…

May 23, 2016 No Comments

Sigmund Freud’s apartment, Vienna Welcome to my blog! I’ve been fighting the tiny narcissist inside of me to start a blog, but he has finally won- yes, he’s a man.I am a licensed forensic psychologist who resides and practices in…

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About Me

Dr. Shiloh

Travel has always been a part of my life and I have found the key to making it a part of my professional experience. Expect recaps of great destinations, advice on incorporating travel into your work & tips on making travel with a family easier. Cheerio!


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  • I certainly hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day 💝
  • Belgium blog articles and photos are coming soon, I promise! So much to write about. Maybe I’ll have Christmas market posts up by the holidays 😆
  • One of the best parts about being in Belgium is that there was always a great pub to dip into to get out of the cold. We are recreating that feeling here in drizzly LA at the Lucky Baldwin’s Belgian Beer Festival going on from now until Feb 22nd at all three of their locations.
  • Post-rain pretty 💎
  • I needed this bathroom wallpaper in my life, like yesterday. Adorable new coffee shop/ plant based restaurant in Echo Park (see IG stories).
  • Can’t turn my back on this view! This @dagnedover backpack and so many other cool styles in this color are on sale! They also have a ton of other sizes and colors: check out my #liketkit account. Shop your screenshot of this pic with the app
  • Easily my favorite corner in Ghent 🔱 This was the old entrance to the fish market.
  • Just trying to get my hands on all the warm drinks I can in this rain ☔️
  • This corner of the world isn’t too bad

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