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Sactown Love

February 20, 2018 No Comments
Sacramento is one of those pseudo home-away-from-home places for me. My dad moved here around the time I graduated from high school and I visited a lot when I was in college. A quick hour flight from LA and it feels a world away with its vast plains and concentrated greenery. A slower pace of life, where people always wear jeans when getting into their trucks. Downtown is accessible and historic, mixed with a cool vibe that can mimic other capital cities across the country. It was a sweet little weekend getaway to visit my new nephew. 
Welcome to our state’s capital city. 

Can I just take a moment to say that the Sacramento International Airport is seriously one of my favorite airports in the world? Even before the major renovations, it has consistently been clean, easy to navigate, and has plenty to keep you occupied while waiting for your flight. I’ve never complained about waiting around this place. 
After getting into town, I had to drag my dad and brother to this (now) iconic stop in Midtown to recreate an image from Lady Bird in front of this gorgeous mural. This adorable residential area is the historic core, dotted with Victorians and classic tree-lined streets. While we were there, a local company was offering walking and running tours of all of the major filming locations from the Oscar-nominated movie. After you grab your smokes and Playgirl magazine, ala Lady Bird, from the American Market & Deli pictured here, sit down for a dirty chai at Temple Coffee Roasters. The line is always out the door for a reason. 
I’m a sucker for a good bridge, so before heading to home we stopped at Front St. in Old Town to take in the Tower Bridge that spans the Sacramento River. The bridge was glowing gold in the morning sunshine, sitting particularly well for the camera. It’s open to pedestrians and is easily accessible from the “riverwalk.” It was built in 1935 and appears to stare down the Capital building which lies at the end of the same street. The Old Town area is just that- old western structures with wood plank walkways. Trains are still posted up for decor, adding to the throwback feel. Explore the toy shops and grab a breakfast or a bowl of chowder at Steamers
If you’re looking for nightlife, head a bit east into Downtown, over to R Street and you’ll have plenty from which to choose. My siblings and I took in some great live music at the Shady Lady Saloon (I hear the brunch is awesome) and then moved across the street to the Iron Horse Tavern so we could actually sit and have a conversation; the cocktails were on point. My favorite place to stay downtown is The Citizen Hotel, a witty political themed stay with an excellent restaurant and bar attached. 
With a new baby to watch grow, I’m sure there will be more love letter visits to Sactown in my future…  


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