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Colorful OC

April 4, 2017 No Comments
To kick off my week in between jobs (Yep starting something new next week!), we decided to have a “Family Date Night” that we would all enjoy. The theme ended up being our own little World of Color!

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Unicorn Milkshake

I rarely venture to Anaheim unless I am heading to Disneyland but I have been dying to try the Unicorn hot chocolate from Creme & Sugar ever since I got an eyeful of the rainbow concoction on Instagram! This thing is gorgeous and equally as decadent with just about the entire kitchen sink on top of pink liquid. If the witch from Hansel and Gretel had invented this, I’m sure she would have been wildly successful too! They also have Cookie Monster and Circus animal cookie versions. The bakery makes amazing custom cakes as well and has an entire espresso bar. We had to get some straight-up black coffee to cut back on the sweetness. The now famous Unicorn drinks, including an incredible cotton candy flavored milkshake, used to be part of a “secret menu,” but the art of secret keeping is tough to maintain in the age of social media. 


As if we didn’t get enough color at Creme & Sugar, we decided to stop by the (fairly) new train depot in Anaheim.  I worked in Orange County from 2012-2015 and watched this monstrosity, also known as ARTIC, being built everyday as I whizzed by on the freeway.  It gives a light show that just may rival Disneyland’s fireworks. The depot is part fairytale dream and part futuristic portal to somewhere magical.  Kinda makes me wish I traveled more by train here in the States. 


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