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Palm Trees & Pirates

March 14, 2017 No Comments


Magen’s Bay

The 99 steps of Charlotte Amalie

Hiking from a plantation

I’ve come to realize that the “island feel” is different depending on which sea you find yourself near. Polynesian islands, Mediterranean islands, and the Caribbean all invoke a different experience. Usually my ideal island getaway includes the feel of hot sand between my toes and a cold drink in my hand and I’m a happy girl. 

But the Caribbean feels adventurous. Like I should be doing something… exploring… And that steel drum is intoxicating. Wrap all that up with a big bow of exciting European and American history and I’m all set! To walk in the footsteps of Blackbeard and step on the beaches where Alexander Hamilton resided as a young man is like no other experience. You get the feeling of the early Americas yet some international flavors, along side the expected Caribbean vibes.

We hiked, we explored old British plantations, we wandered Dutch villages, and we danced to Caribbean music. Oh and we laid between palm trees with the sand in our toes and cold drinks in our hands. 

How do these places feel different for you? 


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